Leckhampton Booking System

The Leckhampton Booking System (or “LBS” for short) allows you to book your time slot for the use of the communal facilities of Leckhampton House and its surroundings. This way, we can ensure that social distancing measures are respected so as to keep the Corpus community safe. The LBS currently supports the booking of:

  • the central laundry;
  • the computer/printer room;
  • the GTB library.
  • TV Room
  • Punts

The gym can instead be booked through this link provided by the JCR, do not forget to read the gym rules!

If you want to host an event at Leck, private or MCR based, please complete this form and send it to Aldona at am999@corpus.cam.ac.uk

Note that the GTB library is only usable as a study space and that you will not be able to borrow books. The library has been divided into two zones, a reading table zone, and an armchair zone. Only two people are allowed at the table, and only four people are allowed in the armchair zone.

To book via the LBS, fill in the form below and select the service you wish to use. Note that some time slots may be unavailable either because the Housekeeping team is at work, or because the maximum capacity has already been reached. You can leave the email field blank, but remember to write a valid address if you want to receive a confirmation email with all the details!

Paddle Surf booking

Please fill in the following google sheet to book the paddle surfboard: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DreNjOHgpcYvTBn6IsVeWBQuDDdsItANLV3TBpLAUR4/edit#gid=0