Library and Computer Room

Note: following the latest restrictions imposed by the UK government, the GTB library is only usable as a study space and that you will not be able to borrow books. Please book a slot using the Leckhampton Booking System.

Leckhampton Library is our own personal reading library. Here you’ll find a range of books to read for pleasure, from classic novels to contemporary literature and non-fiction. The library is a social space and a place to study, with both desks and communal seating available

Current status of Leckhampton Library

The books have been removed from the library in preparation for the renovations this summer. Currently, the space can still be used for studying and events.

A mini-library will be available in the TV room soon! Newly acquisitioned books will be available there to tide you over until the renovations have finished.

Leckhampton Library Renovations

Renovations will involve redecorating, refurnishing and (hopefully) improvements to the lighting, electrics and heating. The traditional style of the college will be maintained, but the space will be more comfortable and inviting.

The size of the book collection will be reduced to make it more usable and to leave more space for activities in the library. The books that are removed from Leckhampton will either be moved into the Taylor Library or will be made available to buy at a book sale.

The renovations are planned to start over the summer and finish sometime during Michaelmas Term 2019.

As part of the renovation process, the Taylor Librarians have agreed to take on the huge task of cataloguing the books in Leckhampton. This means that a partial list of the books available in Leckhampton will be made available in (roughly) Michaelmas Term, and the full catalogue will be developed over the next 1-2 years. A copy of the list will be available for download on this page and the Leckhampton Library books will also be searchable on iDiscover.

Essential FAQs of Leckhampton Library

  • Where is the library? Ground floor of the GTB (underneath the A-D block).
  • How do I get in? Access the library with your University Card any time of the day or night.
  • How do I find a book? Download a list of the books at Leckhampton Library here. You can also search for books on iDiscover, where they can be found as a subset of the Taylor Library under Corpus Christi College.
  • How do I borrow a book? Write your name and the book title in the logbook. There is no limit on the number of books you can borrow or the length of time you can keep then.
  • Can I bring food or drink in? No, with the exception of water.
  • Can I use the library for an event? Yes! You can book the library by sending an email to Aldona at
  • How can I suggest a book? Fill out this form. We purchase new books for the library every year and we’re always looking for suggestions. Keep in mind that this is a general-purpose reading library, so academic books and textbooks won’t be the priority of Leckhampton Library – instead, why not suggest them for the Taylor Library?

Writing Group

The writing and study group is on every Monday at 20:30. Come to Leckhampton Hall, enjoy free tea/coffee and biscuits, and use this time to get some work done. Bring your own mug!

Computer Room

The computer room is located on the ground floor of the GTB building, right next to the library. It is provided with two computers and a printer. Moreover, cleaning kits for your laptop and for other electronic equipment are available and can be freely used by members of the MCR.

Comp cleaning things, how to use MCR computers, and printer.