May Ball

On alternating years Corpus and St. Catherine’s College hold May Balls (which are confusingly in June). In 2023 it is Corpus’ turn to hold the ball, and the theme will be ‘All the World’s a Stage’. Ticketing information, bag policy, dress code, and more can be found here.

May Balls typically start at 9pm and continue until around 6am the next day – make sure to stay awake for the survivors’ photo! Expect big name musical acts, lots of fun entertainment and endless free food and drinks! Next year, a May Ball will be held by St. Catherine’s College and Corpus students will be given priority access to these tickets.  

May Balls are expensive but they are a must-do when in Cambridge! Many balls have options to work part of the ball in exchange for free entry to the rest. For information on working at the Corpus May Ball check the website above.