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Discretionary budget request

A substantial proportion of the MCR budget is reserved for community grants – Essentially, this represents a sum of money, that any member of the MCR community can apply to use, to fund events or purchases benefiting the wider community or a group of ‘corpuscles’.

Proposals for community grants should include an estimate of the involved cost (if needed, the MCR Treasurer can help with this) and a short justification on how the grant, if approved, will benefit the MCR community. Ideas and costed proposals for community grants are encouraged at any time of the year and should be directed to the MCR Treasurer (

New: you can find the latest version of the community grant form here! If you wish to submit a proposal, fill it in and send it to the MCR Secretary ( or the Treasurer (

Consideration of submitted proposals will depend on the amount requested:

  • Proposals valued less than £30 will be evaluated by the MCR committee executive body (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) on a rolling basis. Three votes in favour of the proposal will be needed to approve the grant.
  • Proposals between £30 and £100 will go before the whole MCR committee on a rolling basis. Resounding support (>50% committee members) is needed to approve the grant, otherwise further discussion may be necessary.
  • Proposals exceeding £100 will be discussed and voted on by the whole committee at the next scheduled committee meeting. The proposer(s) may be invited to the meeting to be involved in discussions.

The MCR Treasurer will update proposers when a decision has been made. A summary of all applications made in periods between committee meetings will be shared with the MCR Committee in the Treasurer’s update at each meeting – this will be included in the meeting minutes and circulated to the community by the MCR Secretary.

Please speak to the MCR Treasurer if you have any questions about community grants.

Examples of Community Grants approved in 2018:

  • Galentine’s Day – craft supplies and snacks for an event for the ladies of Leck ( £142)
  • Board Games (£21.06)
  • Guitar (£124.85)

Committee Reimbursement Form: