MCR Green

Welcome to Leckhampton’s Green Site!

Green matters are playing a big role in Corpus Christi College and we, the postgrad community and College staff, are giving our best every day to reduce the College’s impact on the environment.

Please find here an overview of our initiatives and ideas on how you can contribute to make Leckhampton an even greener and friendlier place.


  • You can find recycling bins in all buildings. Not sure what goes in there? Please find a guide on local recycling guidelines here: Recycling in Cambridge.
  • As a postgrad living in Leckhampton, you have the great option to sign up for an organic recycling scheme to separate your organic waste. If you sign up, you will be provided with an organic waste recycling bin and respective bin liners.
    However, please note that you will be responsible to clean and empty the bins yourself in the green waste bin which can be found e.g. next to the laundry facility. In case you are interested in signing up, please notify you Greens and Charities officer under
  • A recycling box for old batteries and cartridges can be found in the post room.
  • There is a British Heart Foundation donation box in the laundry room for everyone who would like to donate their clothes or other items.
  • There is a yellow bin available for the plant-based, compostable foodservice packaging (Vegwear) that catering uses for takeaway foods.


  •  The housekeeping team is working hard on maintaining students’ accommodation in the ‘greenest’ way possible. All housekeeping products are eco-friendly, and bottles are recycled whenever possible. Broken electrical equipment is always disposed of safely.
  • As a student living in Leckhampton, you have the option to dry your laundry on washing lines outside the laundry room instead of using tumble dryers. This saves energy and reduces wear on clothing, too 😊
  • All light bulbs in Leckhampton accommodation are energy-saving ones. Nevertheless, please make sure that you always switch off lights and appliances when you leave a room.
  • Please turn down your room thermostat or the thermostat on your room radiator if you are going out and close your windows and curtains to keep the heat in.
  • Please keep your shower time to a reasonable length to reduce water consumption.
  • A dripping tap or a thermostat that is not working? Please report it to maintenance via


  • The fastest, cheapest, and environmentally friendliest way of getting around Cambridge is walking and cycling. The MCR offers the option to rent bikes – if you are interested please contact the current bike officer (or a member of the MCR Committee).
  • Once per year, the college collects broken bicycles and gives them to the charity OWL. They repair and sell the bikes with a profit going to the charity.


  • Reducing meat consumption and general reliance on animal products help significantly to decrease your carbon footprint. In Corpus main site and Leckhampton dining hall, daily vegetarian options are provided, and also vegan options on a regular basis. In case you would like to learn more about living without the use of animal products, please also consider joining the Corpus Christi Vegan Society – everyone (both vegans and non-vegans) is welcome!


  •  We are proud to have one of the most beautiful College gardens in Cambridge! The garden team works hard to ensure that biodiversity is encouraged through careful management of the gardens with bat and bird nesting boxes and bug hotels. Please always feel invited to enjoy the beauty gardens, but remember to treat nature with the respect it deserves 😊  

Veggie patch

Fancy some gardening? An important part of Leckhampton gardens is our Veggie patch which students can use to grow their own plants and vegetables. It can be found next to Cranmer Road 23 – with a garden shed containing gardening equipment and seeds nearby. A current overview can be found here: Leckhampton Veggie Patch. Please get in touch with the Greens Officer if interested in taking part!

Sustainable living in Cambridge

You  would like to know more about living sustainably in Cambridge? Under this Link you can find a collection of tips from your fellow students – covering for example food, fashion, services or information resources. In case you have any tips yourself, please feel free to add them to the spreadsheet. It will be a helpful guide for all current students and future students to come!

Get Involved

Getting curious? In case you would like to get regularly updated about Green events happening across the University, please consider joining the Corpus Environmental Society or sign up for the Cambridge University Greenlines Newsletter.

If you have any more questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact your Green Officer any time:😊