Music Room

The Stephen Hales room (known as the piano room), within Leckhampton House, has a Steinway Piano and two guitars (classical and steel string).

These instruments are available for all post-graduate corpus members to use. These instruments need to be looked after. Please be gentle with them and use them only as intended. Ensure you have clean hands and do not have food or drinks close to the instruments. The cover should be replaced on the piano after use and the guitars replaced in their stands. Please also be careful when playing and carrying them.

The Guitars may be taken to different rooms in Leckhampton House e.g the bar, TV room or warden’s meeting room. However, they must be returned to the music room afterwards. They should not be taken out of Leckhampton House, should not be in played or kept in people’s rooms or taken off Leckhampton grounds. There is a tuner and capo available in the second drawer of the cabinet next to the piano. Again these should be returned after use. If you have changed the tuning of the guitars, please re-tune them to standard tuning once you have finished.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Leckhampton Society Secretary

Main College (Trumpington St) has music rooms available for booking. To book a music room to practice all your fine tunes, use this form.