Committee 2019

The 2019 MCR Committee

President – Laura Wey

I am a 2nd year PhD student in Biochemistry, researching the electron transfer processes in photosynthetic blue-green algae. The President represents the MCR Committee, which in turn represents the MCR community, to the College at meetings of Committees including the Governing Body, Executive Body and Joint Consultative Committee.  The President assists all members of the MCR Committees with their roles as well.

Vice President – Jenny Reiss

I’m an MPhil candidate in American History. As Vice President I’m responsible for MCR-JCR relations, MCR representation to the CUSU and GU, and assisting the President with her responsibilities.

Treasurer – Luke Pattison

I’m a 2nd year PhD student in Pharmacology. I’m responsible for planning the MCR budget, monitoring finances and promoting/helping with applications for community grants.

Secretary – Rosie Bell

I am a 1st year PhD student in Chemistry. My role is to keep everyone in the community updated with all the wonderful things that are going on in and around Leckhampton, and the MCR.

Social Secretaries – Amy Williams, Sarah Rafferty, Harry Jones

Amy is an MPhil candidate in Zoology, Sarah is a 1st year Geography candidate, and Harry is a 4th year medic. We are responsible for organising and running the social events for the MCR. These events include themed formals, bops, swaps, nights out, and much more!

Catering – Lily Bentley

I’m a second year PhD student in Zoology. I’m responsible for liaising with college to ensure Corpus postgrads are well fed at Leckhampton. I also help the social secretaries with meal logistics for events which are catered by college.

LGBT+ – Jonathon Cushenan

I’m a 6th year medical student. I see my role as your LGBT+ rep mainly as a political representational role to advocate for LGBT+ students. There is a private Corpus LGBT+ facebook group where I advertise local events and arrange college events. There is an inherent welfare aspect to this role too – I was welfare officer on the last committee so if you want to come talk to me about anything welfare, you are more than welcome!

Bar Managers – Katie Barker & Lizzie Bullock

Katie is a 1st year Pharmacology Candidate, and Lizzie is an MPhil Candidate in Russian Literature. We are responsible for the running of Leck bar, including stocking it and keeping it ticking over smoothly – we also organise bar training for all students interested, and the occasional pub quiz and wine tasting!

Welfare Team – Daisy Follett

I’m a 2nd year PhD student in Biological Science. Please feel free message or email me if you need a chat, if you’re stressed or worried about someone, or if you have any questions about getting hold of a counsellor or sexual health supplies. Anything related to welfare or biscuits basically.

Welfare Team – Alvin Djajadikerta

I’m a 2nd year PhD student in Medical Science at the Cambridge Institute of Medical Research.

Greens and Charities – Tegan Stockdale

I’m a second year PhD student in Chemistry. On the green side of things I’m responsible for liaising with the college Green Committee, looking after the college Green Impact Workbook and audit for Leckhampton, as well as being involved in promoting and facilitating green initiatives and events. The organisation of such events and activities also extends to the charities side of the role.

LeckSoc – Gabrielle McClymont

I’m a 1st year PhD student in Biochemistry. I organise the Leckhampton Society talks which happen twice a term. At each event two people present their research to the Corpus commmunity, it is a great opportunity to practice presenting your research and to learn more about fellow post-grads. I also look after the musical instruments in the Stephen Hales Room.

Computer – Lorenzo M. Perrone

I am a first year PhD candidate in Astrophysics at the Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge. I am the computer officer and I manage the website and mailing lists of the postgraduate community as well as the computer room at Leckhampton.

Logistics– Leia Judge

I’m a 1st year PhD student in Neuroscience at the Gurdon Institute. My role revolves around the wonderful TV room and snack fridge we have at Leck – keeping the snacks stocked, the TV loaded with movies and aiding other MCR committee members with ordering food and drink for their events.

Lodgings – Tomi Baikie

I’m a 2nd year PhD in Physics. I’m responsible for lodgings issues.

Partners’ and Families’ Officer– Rowan Hawitt

I’m an MPhil candidate in Music and am here to represent Corpus students, their partners, and their families. I work with the other welfare officers to ensure that partners and families can integrate fully into the MCR community. Organising social and orientation events is one aspect of the role; I also facilitate longer-term goals such as setting up a babysitting collective.

International – Josca Schoonejans

I’m a 2nd year PhD student, 3rd year Corpuscle and your International Officer. I represent the international community at Leckhampton, by organising international-themed events and by advocating for welfare of international students at committee and other meetings.

Library – Aoife Gregg

I’m a 1st year CDT student in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. I’m responsible for the library, consulting on the library renovations, and acquiring new books. I also run the weekly Writing and Study Group.

Sport – Chris Desira i

Ethnic Minorities – Ananya Mishra