The JCR and MCR share two punts (‘Corpuntle’ and ‘Punty McPuntface’) for all Corpus students to use! They are moored at St John’s College. To book a slot, please follow the instructions on the FMS Booking System. Note: the punts can be booked for a maximum of 2 hours. Students will be charged £7.50 per 2 hour booking and you can pay by credit/debit card at the Corpus Porters lodge when you pick up the keys.

Important Information:

  • A maximum of 6 people can use one punt at the same time.
  • The keys must be returned to the Porter’s Lodge before your 2 hours elapse, and the punts must be returned by sundown. Non-Johnians are reminded that the College closes its gates at 10:00 p.m.
  • Please treat the punts with respect and care. They are a shared asset of our community. Return the punt as you would like to find it. Throw away any rubbish, clean up any mess and use the provided sponges to bail out the water.
  • There is a limited number of punts (2) and a lot of people in our community, so please try to be respectful of others when booking, and avoid booking more than one session per week.
  • The person making the booking must be present at all times during the outing and is responsible for the behaviour of their guests. You are not allowed to make bookings for other persons.
  • All punt hire is at the hirer’s own risk. The hirer warrants that both themselves and all passengers have sufficient training/expertise (including swimming abilities) for the outing.
  • Before usage, please check if the punts are damaged. If so, please take a picture and report it to the Admiral of the Punt. If you do damage the punt during use, report it as soon as possible.
  • Private punts may not be taken out of the punt pool after dark: the Porters have instructions not to issue keys to the punt store or the quayside for this purpose after dark. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in us losing the right to moor at St John’s Quay.
  • If you want to cancel your booking, please email the Porter’s Lodge at least 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will be charged on your college bill based on your bookings.
  • Please be aware that for the May Week period, the punts cannot be used whilst preparations for / clearing up of the St’John’s May Ball take place. In addition, there may be other interruptions to access during the year for which notice will be given nearer the time.
  • By reserving a slot, and signing in with your CRSID, you automatically confirm that you have understood and agreed to the aforementioned rules.  Multiple failures to adhere to these rules may result in us losing the right to moor at St John’s Quay. So please behave responsibly if you want to keep on enjoying your punting privileges.
  • Safe punting 🙂

On the day of your booking:

  • Once you have booked the punt, you can collect the keys from the Corpus Christi Porter’s Lodge. You will be charged upon collection of the keys and given instructions for the locks.
  • Head to the Cripps lodge of St. John’s College (https://goo.gl/maps/jvDPkH71X9j4wqjc9), and they will direct you to the Back Quay, over the bridge of sighs, where the punts are kept.
  • Go to the docking station for the punt that you booked (make sure to check the name of the punt before using it).
  • Check the punt for any damage before using it. If you spot anything suspicious, please take a picture and send it to the Admiral of the Punt.
  • Punt!
  • Bring back the punt before the end of your booked time. The punts must be returned by sundown.
  • Clean up the punt and bail (remove excess water inside) using the sponge provided.
  • Lock the punt and return the key to the porter before your 2 hours elapse.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admiral of the Punts (Anna Day, ad2222@cam.ac.uk) or the President of the MCR (James Faulkner, mcr_president@corpus.cam.ac.uk).