Committee 2024

Committee 2024

The MCR committee are fellow students elected by the MCR to represent the postgraduate community’s interests to college and the university. We put on fun parties, interesting speakers, and help make sure everything runs smoothly. Corpus is a very well-funded MCR, meaning we’ve got a great budget for running events and there are a lot of opportunities to make your passion a reality here.

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The 2024 MCR Committee

President – James Faulkner

I am a third-year PhD student at the Cambridge Graphene Centre, studying the optical physics of graphene at high carrier concentrations and its applications in novel battery technology.

Vice President – Odara Medagedara

I am a second year PhD student using volume electron microscopy techniques to understand lung development as well as to characterise the effects of toxicants on this process. 

Treasurer – Greg Chu

I am a second-year PhD student working on nanotechnology, based in Electrical Engineering. As Treasurer, I’m responsible for managing the MCR budget to ensure that we are using the funds efficiently for the benefit of the MCR community. Please get in touch if there is anything budget-related!

Secretary – Emma Diduch

I’m a second year PhD student in the Department of Geography working on historical demography with Campop. As secretary I help organize committee meetings and take minutes, and also send out weekly email bulletins to keep everyone up to date on what’s happening in the MCR community!

Social – Freddie Sehgal, Allaya Rasul, Emma Bouckley

Emma: I’m a first year Maths PhD student studying fluid dynamics in porous media. Together with Allaya and Freddie, I’ll be helping you make the most of Cambridge and our community through events and excursions.

Laya: I am an MPhil English Studies student, specialising in contemporary South Asian literature. As social secretary, I will be hosting a range of events to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for our MCR community.

Freddie: I am an MPhil student in Modern South Asian Studies studying something to do with India but idrk what yet. This trio of units will work towards fostering ever-greater standards of chat in our MCR. Lmk if you have any ideas to this end or if u just want to talk to someone.

Welfare – Mark Yin

I’m Mark (he/him), a first year PhD student researching the rights of children in conflict with the law as they play out in court. Along with Julia (team Oceania woooo) I am v keen to moonlight as one of your welfare officers this year :^) Keep an eye out for events (walks, brekkies, board games, movie nights etc) and sing out if there’s anything we can do to make your experience in the MCR a better one.

Welfare – Julia Beker

I am a first-year PhD student from NZ studying at the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. As one of the welfare officers, I hope to be a point of support and a listening ear for all Corpuscles. I’ll be working with Mark to run some events centred around wellbeing at the college!

Greens and Charities – Joe Deakin

Hi, I’m a first year PhD student in Maths. I am responsible for advocating for sustainability at Leckhampton and I also arrange charity donations. Please get in touch with any sustainability concerns or if you would like to collaborate on a project/event together!

LeckSoc – Natasha Balwit

I’m a 1st year PhD student in the Future Infrastructure and Built Environment CDT, where I focus on shallow geothermal heating and cooling for buildings. I love learning about the diverse research members of our Corpus postgrad community carry out, and look forward to organising more opportunities for camaraderie and cross-pollination (plus cheese and crackers). When I’m not at a LeckSoc talk, you can find me writing, playing tennis, or walking my large brown poodle.

Computer – Jennifer Palmer

I’m a third-year PhD student from NZ working on the cell biology of neurodegenerative diseases. As your Computer Officer, I’m responsible for managing the Corpus MCR website and mailing list, as well as helping out with the Leckhampton computer room. Feel free to contact me with any IT issues and I’ll do my best to help!

International – Yashas Raj

I am a second year PhD Student at the Centre for Climate Repair and I am from Boston, USA! As your international student representative, I will always be available for any questions or concerns you may have while you’re settling into Cambridge. I’ll also be organizing events for our international students including cultural food potlucks so we can get a ‘taste’ of everyone’s backgrounds! If there’s any way I can help make Corpus a home away from home, please let me know 🙂

Library – Dee Cirium

Disabled Students’ Officer – Daniela Jenna Linnea Lindfors

I’m Dani and I’m an MPhil student in English (Nineteenth Century). I came to Corpus after completing an MA in English and Psychology at the University of Copenhagen. With a background in health promotion, I’m very happy to have been appointed as Corpus’s MCR Disability Officer. I understand that reaching out about issues relating to mental and/or physical health can sometimes feel difficult, but please know that I’m here to help you find the right resources and to have your back, should you need it. Don’t hesitate to hit me up!

Catering and Bar – Benedict Turner-Berry

Sports – Jesse Woods

I’m a student of the Master of Advanced Studies in Mathematics (Part III) studying Theoretical Physics. As your sports officer, my primary role is to make sure that there are ample activities and equipment at Leckhampton to keep you fit and active! We will have sports days and events centered around social sports throughout the year, where everyone can take part in a relaxed environment. I’m also responsible for ensuring that our equipment and facilities are kept in working order, and for helping coordinate Corpus sports team. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions on sports events or gym equipment.

LGBTQIA+ – Alice Wilson

Ethnic Diversity – Freddie Sehgal and Allaya Rasul,

Freddie and Laya are also discharging the duties of the Ethnic Diversity Officer in addition to their roles as Social Secretaries, so please see their full bios above! Freddie has this to add: on a more serious note, I am also working to support the MCR’s Ethnic Minority community. Please do not feel that any matter is too small to be discussed, and please feel free to reach as and when you would like. I care a lot about this role, having previously served as JCR Ethnic Minorities Officer, and am eager to effect change.