Welcome to Corpus Christi College MCR!

The MCR, a shorthand for “Middle Combination Room”, consists of all postgraduate students of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Corpus is the sixth-oldest college in Cambridge and has about 250 undergraduates and 200 postgraduates. It is unique among all other colleges, as it has both a beautiful old site (“Old House”) and a separate postgraduate campus, Leckhampton. This, as well as the smaller size of the College, makes Corpus and the MCR a thriving, tight-knit community where everyone can feel right at home.

In addition to Leckhampton site, postgraduate students frequent and have access to all the facilities at the Old House, including the Taylor library, the Chapel, the main Hall – where weekday lunches, as well as formal dinners on Friday and Sunday, take place – and the Pelican Bar. Don’t miss the opportunity to dine in our beautiful main Hall!

Latest News!

4th year JCR membership

Hello Corpuscles! The module for associate membership of Corpus MCR is now available! If you are a 4th year JCR, a partner of an MCR member or an external associate of the College, and you are interested in joining the MCR community, check out how to apply at this link (under “Prospective Students” -> “MCR …

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  • Photo by Lindsey Walters