Committee 2020

The MCR committee are fellow students elected, by the MCR, to represent the postgraduate community’s interests to college and the university. We put on fun parties, interesting speakers, and help make sure everything runs smoothly. Corpus is a very well-funded MCR, meaning we’ve got a great budget for running events and there are a lot of opportunities to make your passion a reality here.

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The 2020 MCR Committee

President – Daniel Heydecker

I am a third year PhD candidate in the mathematics department, studying probability. As MCR President, my role is primarily college-facing, representing the MCR’s interests with college and collaborating with the JCR.

Vice President – Isabella Ferreira

I am a first year PhD candidate in Medicine, where I study functional HIV cure. The Vice-President is responsible for supporting the President and helping maintain good relations with college as well as the JCR.

Treasurer – Emma Siragher

Secretary – Helen Magowan (until October 2020, currently Lorenzo M. Perrone)

I’m a first-year PhD in Japanese Studies. As Secretary I send a bulletin to keep you up to date with what’s going on around Leck, and organise committee meetings, including once-a-term open meetings. If there are things you’d like the committee to discuss, or want to include in the bulletin, email me x

Social Secretaries – Camilla Lingjaerde, Becky Rickman, Alberto Scarampi

Camilla is a first year PhD Candidate in Biostatistics, Becky is a first year PhD Candidate in Pharmacology and Alberto is a first year PhD Candidate in Biophysics. We are responsible for organising and running the social events for the MCR. These events include themed formals, bops, swaps, nights out, and much more!

Catering – Roberta Cacioppo

I’m a first-year PhD student in Molecular Biology. I work with the college Catering staff to try to accomodate everyone’s food-related needs and ensure high-quality food service. I also help the social secretaries with meal logistics for events catered by college.

LGBT+ – Dan Hodgkinson (until October 2020, currently Ben Needleman)

Bar Managers – Katie Barker & Luke Pattison

Katie is a 2nd year student in Pharmacology, and Luke is a 3nd year PhD student in Pharmacology. We are responsible for the running of Leck bar, including stocking it and keeping it ticking over smoothly – we also organise bar training for all students interested, and the occasional pub quiz and wine tasting!

Welfare Team – Lara Busby

I’m a second year PhD student in the Department of Genetics studying chicken embryology. As welfare officers, Darius and I are responsible for aiming to improve student welfare and provide support in areas of mental and physical health. We organise fun events which encourage the community to come together and enjoy each others company. I’m always happy to help if you need some extra support and don’t know where to find it – just drop me an email or a message!

Welfare Team – Darius Kosmützky

I’m a MPhil student doing research in photosynthesis. As part of the welfare team with Lara, I am responsible for organising various rather relaxed and wholesome events, like a Sunday walk or themed afternoon teas. Please contact me if you need anything welfare related (e.g. a chat or sexual health supplies) or if you’re worried about someone regarding their mental health.

Greens and Charities – Mitchell Chiew

I am an Australian masters student in applied mathematics and theoretical physics. As Greens and Charities Officer, I’m always on the lookout for ways to encourage sustainable living on campus. I represent the students’ interests on the college Green Committee, run fundraisers for charities, and help coordinate the reduction of Corpus Christi’s environmental impact. I am a big proponent of promoting low-carbon diets, and frequently collaborate on vegan matters with the catering officer.

LeckSoc – Tim Ekeh

Computer – Lorenzo M. Perrone

I am a second year PhD in Astrophysics at the Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge. I am the computer officer and I manage the website and mailing lists of the postgraduate community as well as the computer room at Leckhampton.

Logistics– Neesha Kara

I’m a first year PhD student in Cancer Biology, and as Logistics Officer one of my main roles involves organisation of the wonderful TV Room at Leckhampton – I maintain the well-stocked selection of food and drink in our snack fridge and also run movie and game nights. I also organise other events at Leckhampton, such as summer barbecues and parties.

Lodgings – Craig Mackenzie (until October 2020, currently Cristina González López)

I’m Craig, and my role as MCR Lodgings Officer is to ensure peaceful and functional accommodation for postgraduate students and to make sure the Graduate Parlour in College is kept in check. I also sit on the College Buildings Committee as an MCR representative, bringing any lodgings matters of concern to the table alongside the equivalent JCR committee member.

Partners’ and Families’ Officer– Mary Chan

Hi, I’m Mary – here to represent the partners, spouses and families of Corpus members! If you are a partner/ family member (or you have one!) then please do get in touch if you have any questions, concerns or just want a chat. Generally partners are more than welcome to join for most MCR events and it’s a great community to get involved in! Remember there is a Partners and Spouses facebook group too.

International – Alex Johnston

I am a second year PhD student from Australia, studying at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. I am responsible for organising events, such as potlucks and movie nights, targeted towards international students.

Library – Eliza Lockhart

I’m a Master of Law candidate and a lover of all things literary! I’m responsible for ensuring that the Leckhampton library is the most user-friendly, functional, and fun place it can be. I also run the weekly Study Group and organise literary events such as film nights, pub quizzes, and dramatic readings. 

Sport – Natasha Murphy

Ethnic Minorities – Tuya Shagdar